Friday, 11 January 2013

It's finished

It's finished my personal take on Fleet Station Vincennes from a story on, basically it is a space dock that is designed to serve the same purpose as Earth's space dock from Star Trek, as well as Babylon 5 from the series called Babylon 5, with a hint of starship troopers thrown in for good measure but for the Stargate universe.

Personally I don't like how this has turned out but after spending the last 240 something hours on it, I feel t is done and that if i did any more to it I would spoil it.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy new Year

Hay and Happy new year to any one that even looks at this.

So I hear you ask what do I have planed for the year that is 2013, well for starters I plan on actually finishing Book one of Battlefortress Archangel and farming it out to a friend, Jay's work over on Deviant Art, that is if he will convert it into a script for me ^^;.

Next I plan on doing something with an old project from High School, maybe turn it into a short motion comic, or as we animators say an 'animatic' as a showcase of both my drawing skills and my animation skills, while learning to use a 3D software package, might start small with 30 day trial of an example of maya (not mine), as my 3D skills are some what errrm.... rusty.

I also intend on learning how to colour stuff digitally using only Photoshop for creating a piece, which I will place in my Portfolio and place working image's on here for people to look at my progress.

If you have any tips, hints, shortcuts or suggestions to aid my progress please drop me a line as I can always use any friendly advice for assisting my style.

Well that's all the personal professional goals set for this year, now to tell you what I plan on a networking, well I plan on going to at least one London Comic Con, most probably the one in October and if I can fund it Bradford Animation Festival in November, Hopefully with examples of my work to show to the exhibitioners to get professional feedback on my work.