Monday, 8 December 2014

Commission Prices and New Books

Ok so with my art skills being back up to what they where when I left college I have decided that in the new year I will be making a fresh start and expanding my range to include a mix of Gothic Artwork and mythic art, so to help me out I have bought a few books and one just for reference.
These books are, Gothic Art by Nicola Senderson, Gothic Jewelry by Harriet Smith Ready to paint Dragons by Marc Potts and How to Draw Dragons in simple steps by Paul Bryn Davis.
Now I know that I have said that I am looking to get in to teaching but as I am having a bit of trouble trying to find a course that I can do close to home, so I am going to be selling my artwork and the jewellery pieces to raise some capital as well as fund my career development into teaching.
As for my pricing guide for commissions they are:
  • Line Art only £5
  • Line Art with coloured pencil £5
  • Line Art Inked £5 to £7.50 depending on the level of detail
  • Ink and Marker £7.50
  • Ink and Watercolour £7.50 to £10 depending on the level of detail
  • Line Art only £15
  • Line Art with coloured pencil £15
  • Line Art Inked £15 to £17.50 depending on the level of detail
  • Ink and Marker £17.50
  • Ink and Watercolour £17.50 to £20 depending on the level of detail
All of the prices include post and packing, if you require other sizes please contact me directly and I will discuss a price. My plan is to have a collection of jewellery and art work for a craft fair this time next year and hopefully have a few prints of any larger work that I create to sell also.

Friday, 21 November 2014

INKtober 2014 entries.

So this year I thought that I would have ago at the INKtober challenge of 31 drawings over the 31 days of October. it wasn't till around day 10 that I realised just how out of practice I had become with my drawing skills. When I had done them all I decided to have a little play in windows movie maker to see how it compares to iMovie HD that I am used to.

Out of the two programs I pre-fare iMovie HD but that could just be that I am used to it.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Redo of an old high school piece

This is some thing I've done after looking back at some of my old highschool artwork. It was a project we had to draw what the 50's thought life in the 90's would be like in space, and of course it was around that time that I found my dad's copy of Barbarella on VHS, I know that DVD's started to come out back then but my dad is old school with a capital OLD SCHOOL, so I used that as the base, and trust me you don't want to see the mid 90's version of this.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Fantasy Castle


K, so this is something some thing that I have been working on for a while now after a visit to the sea life centre in Rhyl. I decided after looking at the coral formations in the different tanks that they would make a nice base for mountain on which a fantasy castle belonging to an queen would live. I based the design of the towers and other external areas on the design of 1920's b-movie sci-fi serial movies, like flash and Dan Dare pilot of the future. As always any tips and advice are always welcome.
The top image is the basic line art for the piece, with the coloured version below.
The finished version of the piece done as a mountain. As suggested by Liam Piratefly Higgins in the Drawing Guild I've done this as a mountain on a desert like zone, and to give it a sense of distance I've used a trick I saw when I was still in high school and Blue Peter was still on BBC one by using a sheet of tracing paper to add a soft haze to the image. Now I know that it can be done using various filters and brushes in Photoshop and other programs like that, but as at the minute I am working Old School I have to use old school tricks.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Underwater Piece WIP 1

So this is something I've been doodling on and off for a few days, my personal take on the lost city of Atlantis.
As I have been working mostly A4 and with markers and other materials like water colour, I've been thinking a lot about ancient myths and legends. Namely the legend of Atlantis, and thought I would have ago at doing a piece based around it. Since this is still in the early stages I am looking around the internet gathering images of ancient cities and ruins for temples in and around the Japanese home islands, China and the Korean peninsular. Since this is going to be a detailed image I feel that it would only be fair to do this piece on A3, since that way I can use a lot of detail in the image.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Godzilla WIP, line art for watercolour piece

So after having a chat last night with Collette over on FB about how to take her Godzilla piece she is doing after watching the new version I was inspired to do my own, and after spending most of the day looking at different references, and making trips to pray at the porcelain alter, I've come up with this. And before anyone states that it's just a line art and not as detailed as my normal work, I plan to use this as a watercolour piece, since I seam to be doing more and more work in markers, so I thought it would be nice to go old school and work in watercolours' for a change. As always any tips and advice on how I could improve this are welcome.


All told I've spent about seven and a half hours on this and most of that was waiting for the watercolour paints to dry, and before any body starts a flame war with me over the colour of Godzilla, I prefer the 80's cartoon version of him and that is the reason I have done him in green, if you don't like that fact then you are free to I won't stop you, it is after-all a free galaxy.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New Work

So ok this is something that I asked for help on the other day for the shading on the leggings over on facebook, think I pulled it off alright, but any advice would be welcomed as I'm working on my portfolio and redoing some old stuff. Ok so the scanned version of this has lost some of the detail in the shading in the hair, leggings, fence and her top.
The original concept for this was a small sketch I did what seems like decades ago when I was in college, after a night-school English GCSE class I was taking to improve my grades, the idea was a play on the theme of Hamlet plus since it was around Halloween I throw in some mystical elements.

Monday, 31 March 2014

USS Macross NX-74916

Following the Dominion War, the federation decided to drastically re-think their policy of exploration. As a result several members of the ASDB begin looking at creating a new class of starship designed more for defence on the frontier and to reinforce the Bajorian Sector in case the Dominion decided ignore the peace treaty, this ship would be more along the lines of the Defiant Class starship that had proven do versatile during the war.

This class was also designated to act as a command and control ship for the new Valkyrie-class and Thunderbolt Veri-tech type fighter, developed on the USS Voyager as well as a full range of shuttles and other support ships, in both fleet and individual missions.

Copyright I don't own either Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Robotech or Macross. This is based off the SDF 1 from Macross designed by Kazutaka Miyatake equipped with two ARMD carriers, the background is a piece by is by John Eaves for the Star Trek ships of the line calendar for the enterprise-e shuttle bay,

This was created after watching wayyy to much Robotech/ Macross and Deep Space Nine.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Something New for the New Year

Happy New Year to all that read this. So what Have I been up to recently well, I've been working on writing up the first five chapters of a new story titled 'The Gate and The Angel' which is a crossover story between the worlds of Robotech/ Macross in the universe of Battlefortress Archangel and the Stargate SG1 and later the Atlantis.
Also I've been working on getting my software back online on my new laptop that I got for Christmas, the problem is I'm having to convert back to PC from Mac, not that there is much of a difference in the two systems now days, and building up my traditional  skills and designing some images to  increase my portfolio.
Well that's it for now I'll leave my followers with a image that I've done recently, A Robotech/ Macross inspired take on the USAF Deadalus from Stargate universe.
(Deadlus Class Mk2)
The design of it is based on a number of sources mostly Robotech/ Macross, Stargate, Command and Conquers GDI Kodiak, Gundam 00 with a hint of Space Battleship Yamamoto/ Starbalzers.