Monday, 9 June 2014

Fantasy Castle


K, so this is something some thing that I have been working on for a while now after a visit to the sea life centre in Rhyl. I decided after looking at the coral formations in the different tanks that they would make a nice base for mountain on which a fantasy castle belonging to an queen would live. I based the design of the towers and other external areas on the design of 1920's b-movie sci-fi serial movies, like flash and Dan Dare pilot of the future. As always any tips and advice are always welcome.
The top image is the basic line art for the piece, with the coloured version below.
The finished version of the piece done as a mountain. As suggested by Liam Piratefly Higgins in the Drawing Guild I've done this as a mountain on a desert like zone, and to give it a sense of distance I've used a trick I saw when I was still in high school and Blue Peter was still on BBC one by using a sheet of tracing paper to add a soft haze to the image. Now I know that it can be done using various filters and brushes in Photoshop and other programs like that, but as at the minute I am working Old School I have to use old school tricks.

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