Thursday, 30 January 2014

Something New for the New Year

Happy New Year to all that read this. So what Have I been up to recently well, I've been working on writing up the first five chapters of a new story titled 'The Gate and The Angel' which is a crossover story between the worlds of Robotech/ Macross in the universe of Battlefortress Archangel and the Stargate SG1 and later the Atlantis.
Also I've been working on getting my software back online on my new laptop that I got for Christmas, the problem is I'm having to convert back to PC from Mac, not that there is much of a difference in the two systems now days, and building up my traditional  skills and designing some images to  increase my portfolio.
Well that's it for now I'll leave my followers with a image that I've done recently, A Robotech/ Macross inspired take on the USAF Deadalus from Stargate universe.
(Deadlus Class Mk2)
The design of it is based on a number of sources mostly Robotech/ Macross, Stargate, Command and Conquers GDI Kodiak, Gundam 00 with a hint of Space Battleship Yamamoto/ Starbalzers.

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