Monday, 19 May 2014

Godzilla WIP, line art for watercolour piece

So after having a chat last night with Collette over on FB about how to take her Godzilla piece she is doing after watching the new version I was inspired to do my own, and after spending most of the day looking at different references, and making trips to pray at the porcelain alter, I've come up with this. And before anyone states that it's just a line art and not as detailed as my normal work, I plan to use this as a watercolour piece, since I seam to be doing more and more work in markers, so I thought it would be nice to go old school and work in watercolours' for a change. As always any tips and advice on how I could improve this are welcome.


All told I've spent about seven and a half hours on this and most of that was waiting for the watercolour paints to dry, and before any body starts a flame war with me over the colour of Godzilla, I prefer the 80's cartoon version of him and that is the reason I have done him in green, if you don't like that fact then you are free to I won't stop you, it is after-all a free galaxy.

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