Friday, 27 November 2009

Over view of Bradford Animation Festival 09

This overview is of the 16th Bradford Animation Festival, which took place between the 10th and 14th November 2009, at the national media museum. As this was the first time that I had attended the event I found it extremely informative, although I had been told what to expect from a number of my class mates, Zoie, Ashling and Jay, and some information I had gained off the B.A.F. website.

Over the three days that I personally attended the event I sat in on a number seminars and screenings by professional and students in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, after watching these works it has given me a renewed appreciation for the work of my peers and my self. From all the films I watched at the festival my personal favorite was a piece called "URS " by a German student, Moritz Mayerhofer.

scene for Urs

This short 10 minute film was about a young man that cares for an old woman in a run down village but wishes for a nicer life for the both of them. The reason I was interested in this piece is the mixture of 3D characters and digital matt paintings, the piece was made entirly in the computer, the backgrounds for the piece appear to be 3D and real due to the effects of light and dark, the effect this creates is similar to the photographic style by the American photographer Ansal Adam's.

As this as my first year I was however a little overwhelmed by the number of professional and currently practicing animators at the festival, however I personally wish that I was not ill the day that the "speed date an animator" event was on as I would have loved to have gotten a few tips and opinions on what they think of my web comic story line '' and if it has the potential to be a full length animated cartoon, as well as the character designs form said comic as I feel that my friend and the people that watch me over on my Deviant Art page "robotech1984" are just being polite and saying that it is an interesting concept.

scene from Fantastic Mr Fox

Out of all the films I partook in viewing I was most let down with the new stop-motion film "FANTASTIC MR. FOX" I personally think that with all the money that was spent on it would have been more like the book and not like the Wombles or the Clangers, However this was balanced out with the fact that I was able to see the new Disney/ Pixar movie "UP" in 3D as well as getting to meet the supervisor for visual effects on Coraline, Mr Brian Van Halt, and hear how they made they made the atmospheric effects in the movie as well as the different types of camera's they used from high tech motion controlled camers to standerd off the shelf thing's from the electrical department at Wall-Mart.

I look forward to attending next years as I hope to get a portfolio of work together so that I can show it to the gathered animators and professionals from the industry to possible get an apprentice ship with a company with links to the Canadian animation industry or even the Japanese anime field, to that end I plan to attend the upcoming Manga and Aime expo in London in October 2010 with a sample of my best work in an attempt to make some contacts with in the industry as part of my professional development module and for future job opportunities.

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