Sunday, 15 August 2010

that train 2 game tv advert

right so you will undoubtedly have seen that TV advert for the train2game, see below if not, (copy and past in to the address bar)

well I got sick of the advert being in my face, as it offer people the chance to do a computer game/ animators course with out going to university and still have the same qualification as some one who has for three years, so I sent off for an information pack just to compare it to the information I have seen from the game students in Glyndwr University game course, and from what I can tell about the course it is identical in the type of work that the people on the course and in the animation course animation course have to do.

After reading this information it really makes me wonder are these last few years of my life been worth it, sure I'll have a degree from a university but tell me this;

a) Whats the point of going to university and getting in debt?
b) Are these sites that allow you to train and gain professional qualifications even legal?

after all the whole point of going to university is to weed out the best of the best from the worst of the worst, but if the are websites that let you train at home with out any help, support or yes even access to tutors for real time comments and feed back, don't give me that look Ms Maguire and Mr Townsend, even though 99.9% of the time they never allow you to use creativity the would rather have us churn out more of what they are used to seeing, or some CGI maya Hippo that can dance, (copy and past in to the address bar)


  1. Well one reason would be that since it's a degree from a Uni, it's more stable. Furthermore, you can use it in a wider scale, with this over-internet course, you'd only be trained into one area of the industry.

    Also you get to use the resources and equipment of the Uni so you are able to be more creative. Plus, going to Uni means you get to make new contacts easier plus you get to meet like minded people.

    Like me for example ;)

  2. I thought that Kyle but from what I have read about the course and the material it allows you to train as anything that we are doing at the minute from game encoding to concept art and design.

    Thats true, if you can get in the HUB :( but U know what you mean plus where else would we meat people that are as crazy as us(check out this link ) XD