Monday, 15 November 2010

Review of Bradford Animation Festival 2010

This is a review of the 17th Bradford Animation Festival, which I attended with North Wales School of Art and Design, NWSAD. Although the event is a four day affair I only attended the first two, due to illness, but the seminars that I did sit in on were rather dull and uninteresting from an animation point.

Over the two days that I personally attended the event I sat in on a number seminars and screenings by professional and students in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, after watching these works, I began to get the impression that a lot of the students in the student films section of the program had only done basics on the story, and then took a leaf out of the design courses book, and farmed the work out to companies, in fact in the credits of a number of them their was names like ILM, Image G and Skywalker Sound, all big Hollywood names. I personally feel that some of these entries where to well polished to be the work of students when compared to the work of the previous year.

Of all the screenings I attended I personally enjoyed one called "Metropia" by director Tarik Saleh, from Sweden. The story of Metropia takes place in a not so distant future in a time when the world is running out of oil and the underground train systems have been connected into a gigantic subway network beneath Europe. Although many of my class mates felt that this was a slow and uninteresting short, I enjoyed it and found the use on sepia tones relaxing and the use of a few colours every so often pleasing to the senses, as many films appear to over whelm the visual senses with information.

Scene from 'Metropia'

Another event I enjoyed was the student networking event, which was hosted by Animated Yorkshire, this was a interesting event as it gave me a much needed boost in my confidence as I normally tend to feel that my work on story boards and character art is lacking development when compared to the work I do on sci-fi concepts, space ships and submarines, but a number of the people that I spoke to during this where encouraging, I only wish I had taken some business cards with my e-mail, blog and portfolio addresses on, oh well.

I wish however that I had not been ill over the last two days of the event as on the final morning of the event there was a screening of my personal favourite film, Jason and the Argonauts, with classic stop motion visual effects by Ray Harryhausen, which was screened as part of the BAF 2010 Life Time achievement Award.

I look forward to attending next years as I hope to get a portfolio of work together so that I can show it to the gathered animators and professionals from the industry to possible get an apprentice ship with a company with links to the Canadian animation industry or even the Japanese anime field, to that end I plan to attend the upcoming Manga and Anime expo in London in October 2011 with a sample of my best work in an attempt to make some contacts with in the industry as part of my professional development and to generate more contacts to increase my chances for future job opportunities.

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